The Best Sanskrit Telegram Group [Updated Nov 2019]

Learning Sanskrit Telegram Group:- As Indians, we have grown up hearing at least hundreds of languages. Hindi is the most popular and common of them all. The national language is directly derived from the sacred language ‘Sanskrit”.

It is the oldest language of India and is said to be the mother of other local languages like Punjabi, Marathi, and Bengali, etc.

Why Sanskrit Telegram Group

Unfortunately, due to the heavy influence of the West, we are forgetting our roots and more so our age-old languages like Sanskrit. Sanskrit Telegram Group acts as a savior in these circumstances.

The group consists of people who are keen on teaching the language to the ones seeking to learn it. With times, the way we think and the way we act has to change and only then can we survive happily.

People who love languages and especially old languages, it’s a bonus for them. This group is dedicated to the Sanskrit language and the aim is to keep it from dying.

Why do you need a Telegram group?

You might wonder that if anyone wants to learn Sanskrit, they can just take private tuitions for them. Will these groups really help more than a private tutor? Well, that is a decision we leave up to you. 

Like was mentioned before, the world is changing at a rapid pace. If we do not keep up to it we will be left behind. And that is not a happy place to be in.

The trend of traditional learning form is taking a back seat now. Students preparing for national exams also have moved to online courses and teachers.

Is it Benefitting?

Again that’s something for you to decide. However, we would like to add these pros below in comparison to tuitions:

  • Get access to instant knowledge whenever and wherever you want
  • You do not have to pay a large sum from your pocket as fees
  • You can take it easy without any pressure from anyone
  • You can sit at your home or office and learn Sanskrit without having to travel and waste time
  • Your questions and doubts will be solved by multiple people.
  • You will get multiple views on one topic and can get involved in group activities to make the learning process all the more fun.

Now that is a lot one can get for free in this era of high price and limited resources.


We all need to do something in our own little ways to let her motherland to continue to prosper in both economic and cultural ways. Sanskrit is our strongest language in which our Vedas and Bhagwat Geeta is written. Had our Gods been here, they would have also tried their best to save the language.

Else what are we leaving behind for the future generations?

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Learning Sanskrit has a lot of added advantages. You can read the age-old texts written by famous poets and writers. You can derive all the wisdom from them and live a meaningful life.

Comment down below and let us know if you would like to learn Sanskrit on the Telegram Group.

List of Sanskrit Telegram Group/Channel 2019 To Join

संस्कृतज्ञान संस्कृतरसास्वादःjoin group
Sanskrit Digital Schooljoin group
Sanskrit walajoin group
Parth education UP TETjoin group
IAS Jugaadjoin group
Malviya Classesjoin group
G – Tips & Tricksjoin group
Movierulz (2Movierulz)join group
Techno Girljoin group
UPSC Preparation with Rishabh Arorajoin group
Periva Kuraljoin group
Tutor Nation- Tuition Jobsjoin group
LST4LAW | LST4CLATjoin group
The Nutty Indian Channeljoin group
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